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Click Solicitors0114 209 4208
  Click Solicitors provide employment law help to both employers and employees. Get in touch
7th Floor, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, Sheffield, S1 2GU
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GWB Harthills0114 290 9500
  GWB Harthills provide legal assistance in the areas of family law, criminal defence and motoring
7 North Church Street, Sheffield, S1 1TD
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Cartwright King Solicitors - Family Lawyer in Sheffield0114 321 1000
Cartwright King is a nationally regarded law company dealing with all kinds of commercial fraud from the serious and complex to marginal transgressions of the fine line dividing acceptable from unacceptable commercial behaviour. We understand how financial pressures can lead to allegations of fraud, and are thoroughly experienced in the management of publicity relating to fraud
4th Floor, Peel House, 1-3 West Bar, Sheffield, S3 8PQ
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Proddow Mackay - Lawyer in Sheffield0114 249 3311
We're a leading company of Solicitors specialising in the following areas of law: Employment and Disability. PM Law's key approach is fairness across the workplace. Individual Injury and Insurance Services. We supply a complete array of services for individuals and insurers alike in the area of
250 Shepcote La, Sheffield, S9 1TP
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The Sheffield Law Centre - Solicitor in Sheffield0114 273 1888
Sheffield Law Centre is a membership organisation. We have 36 personal and organisational members who are dedicated to the goals and of the law centre. If you'd like to become a member of the law centre please complete and send us a membership form. Every year our members have an Annual General Meeting and elect a management committee who meet regularly to manage the organisation: we can co-opt other people during the year. If you can attend a monthly committee meeting and give a little extra
10 Joiner Street, Sheffield, S3 8GW
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Dransfield Hodgkinson & Lofthouse - Business Law in Sheffield01226 763551
Our business success is dependent on our dedication to delivering a top standard of service with reliability and at a cost to understand the needs of our customers. We're an expert company and professionalism is the standard that all our staff aim to attain. Qualified Solicitors and Legal Executives to cope with customers instructions supported by experienced and trained support
Sheffield, S36 6HX
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Nabarro - Business Lawyer in Sheffield0114 279 4000
Nabarro is a main UK law company renowned for the positive and practical way we work. Our no-nonsense approach and huge-ranging expertise aid customers achieve their objectives across many sectors, both private and public. Our dedication to clarity is revealed in our understanding of customers' objectives, our capacity to shed light on complex legal issues, and the straightforward, unequivocal nature of our advice. Our culture is open; our people practical and
1 North Quay Drive, Sheffield, S2
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Sheffield & District Law Society0114 272 3655
The Sheffield & District Law Society is the professional association for solicitors practising in Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding area. Established in 1875, the Society exists to represent and promote the interests of solicitors in the area and to support the work of the profession locally. The Society represents over 400 members. The Society's administrative office, the Law Society Hall and the Law Library are situated in the middle of Sheffield's legal quarter overlooking Sheffield
8 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1
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Watson Esam Solicitors Sheffield - Employment Law in Sheffield0114 275 3350
WE are a quality legal practice located in the heart of Sheffield. WE supply practical, straightforward legal advice which is cost efficient and customer orientated. We are not too big to supply a friendly, approachable and really individual solution to all our customers but not too tiny to supply an expert, experienced staff of lawyers providing a 1st class
18 Paradise Sq, Sheffield, S1 1TY
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Walker Jones & Russell - Trust Solicitor in Sheffield0114 252 5600
Russell Jones & Walker is a leading national company of solicitors committed to upholding the legal rights of individuals. From our foundation in the 1920s our focus has and continues to be, people and those who represent them. The company has expanded from our trade union roots into a respected national organisation with nine offices across England and Wales, and an associated office in
Sheffield, S1 2JA
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