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Bathroom Company in Sheffield, South Yorkshire There was a time when the bathroom was one of the most neglected rooms in the house. It was a simple, functional room, full of bulky, utilitarian fixtures that were there to simply serve a function. There can be no doubt that this was a step forward for its time, as these bathrooms first emerged when indoor plumbing was a radical idea. But there's more to a modern bathroom than this. We all expect more from our living spaces. We want an environment that inspires us and nurtures our spirits. We won't accept a bleak, sterile room within our own homes.

Instead, the quality bathroom has become one of the focal points of the house. It's designed to provide comfort and to express the owner's tastes. And just as there is a myriad of tastes in the world, so there is a vast array of styles and preferences for the bathroom.But this passion for design has not always had a positive effect.At their most basic level, bathroom fixtures are simple machines that perform a basic but vital function. In the quest to scale the greatest aesthetic heights, some designers have forgotten that. That's why you sometimes see beautiful bathrooms that are uncomfortable to use, or fixtures that leak and need constant maintenance.

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Modern Bathrooms
read moreModern bathroom design emphasises the value of space and minimal, elegant forms. The result is a bathroom that is both functional and pleasing. Our modern bathroom fixtures are designed to suit a wide range of different design moods. With fine lines and flowing curves, their simple, classic forms are intended to enhance your design choices, rather than overpower them. They can be used to add balance or contrast to any design theme.

Traditional Bathrooms
read moreThe traditional bathroom aesthetic can lend a nostalgic feel to any home or help to reinforce a rustic decor. But traditional bathroom suites and fixtures are also ideal choices for a modern design theme. The contrast between the fixtures and the dominant design elements of the home can be vibrant and pleasing.


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